Here are 15 Truths About Life To Guide and Inspire You.

1. You are worthy of your desires.

If you feel guilty about wanting more… more epic love, freedom, career fulfillment, abundance or adventure… remember that your desires are FROM the Universe. You are the cosmos experiencing itself as a human for a little while. It wants to expand and create through you. You are worthy.

2. You are not in this world alone.

The book A Course In Miracles says: “Fear is a sure sign you are relying on your own strength.: Whenever you feel like you are striving or stressing about your dreams or to-do list, remember that you have your higher self and the Universe supporting you. You can manifest miracles, inspired ideas, guidance and your desires.

3. Your path is unique to you.

You can look to others for inspiration, but don’t compare or conform. You are a once-in-humankind blend of giftings, passion, desires and quirks. Your purpose and path is completely unique to you. No one is you and that is your super power. So own your authentic magic and truth.

4. You have to make the first move.

The poet Rumi wrote: “The world is like a mountain; your echo depends on you. If you scream good things, the world will give it back”. The Universe responds to your beliefs, energy and actions. You cannot wait for love or validation or abundance in order to feel happy and enough. You have to raise your standards and vibration, and the Universe will meet you there.

5. Remember what matters.

Do your best to stop caring what people think of you. Stop trying to be perfect. Let go of judging yourself and others. You can use your time and energy on more important things like living your best life. If your parents can’t see your worth, make peace. If you eat the cake, make peace.

6. Transformation is a process.

There is no magic pill to happiness or creating change in your life. It takes commitment to makeover your mindset, create epic self-love and confidence, and step into your highest self. The good news is… the process of transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly is totally worth it.

7. You are your own source.

You are your own source of joy and validation. Whatever you think you will feel when you have your dreams, your task is to create those feelings within, and you will become a vibrational match to what you seek.

8. You are the boss of your life.

There is no rulebook on how to live. As the CEO and queen or king of your life, you get to create your own definition of success. What do you value and love? How do you want to design your lifestyle? How are you inspired to contribute? What floats your boat, lights you up, rings your bell?

9. Abundance is your birthright.

Author Gabrielle Bernstein describes the Universe as a constant stream of loving abundant energy. We can decide to align with that stream or block our access to miracles. The choice is ours. Your abundance does not take away from others and in fact, gives you the power to support others.

10. You must believe to perceive.

Quantum physics shows that our beliefs and expectations shape our world. If you believe in love, abundance and miracles you will find them. Believe in yourself a little more.

11. Your dreams, gifts and presence matter.

You are enough. Your presence is perfect. Your gifts are needed. Your dreams matter. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Don’t discount the difference you can make in the world. Don’t deny yourself pleasure and play and permission to prosper. You are god or goddess in human form, remember?

12. Enjoy the journey.

There is no destination to get to… even when you create your next level goals and intentions, your soul will expand and desire something new. You are here to continually expand and create. So get out of destination mindset and enjoy the journey. Love today and be excited for more.

13. You have to give yourself permission.

No one is going to give you permission to rise. No one is going to tap you on the shoulder and tell you that it’s your time to become the person you dream of being and create your wildest dreams. No one is going to announce that it’s finally time for you to relax, smile and start enjoying your life. You have to decide to rise and shine. You have to decide to choose joy and truth. You have to give yourself permission to be, do and have whatever your soul calls for. You are worthy.

14. You came here for a reason.

You are here to learn and expand, love and connect with others, discover who you really are, and co-create your calling and dreams. We are infinite spirit beings on a giant rock hurtling through out of space in a holographic universe with our own unique soul calling to express and adventures to have and people to hug and goodness in the world to create, it’s pretty wild and amazing really!

15. She who is brave is free.

It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone. To leave an unhappy relationship or career path. To speak your truth when your voice shakes. Our comfort zone is comfortable but unfulfilling. When you become brave enough to be your authentic self, speak your truth and follow your heart, you become free.

Oh and remember to love your badass self in the process. You will thrive from your own love and compassion.

I hope that serves you.

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