Are you interested in fresh tips for manifesting your goals and desires?

In this episode, I am sharing my personal experiences with manifesting sustainable weight loss, new inspiring friendships, holidays and travel, and more. It is practical and packed full of value.

You can use these mindset and embodiment principles to help you co-create anything in your life – for example, financial abundance, your dream job, soulmate love, a new apartment or whatever your heart authentically desires.

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Some of the things covered include:

  • How I went from yo-yo dieting to feeling like a divine goddess.
  • The power of changing your identity and why it matters.
  • The work of Neville Goddard, a manifesting teacher from the 50s.
  • How I created new inspiring friendships as an adult.
  • The importance of taking intuitive or inspired action.
  • How I manifest travel, including all-expenses-paid holidays.
  • The power of self-sourcing or tapping into the feeling.
  • How releasing resistance can lead to miracles and flow.