Someone asked me when I talk about devotion to the high masculine, am I saying the feminine principle is lesser?

This is a great question and it makes me smile because of the great secret it holds.

Whenever I talk about the true masculine, I am also talking about the true feminine.

Because they’re in union.

For example, coming into a healed relationship with the Father & King within… resurrected and restored my feminine devotion, magnetism, beauty and priestess gifts.

It took away my heart of stone and “gave me a heart of flesh” cracked open with love.

My devotion to the masculine, only leads me closer to HER… the feminine, Holy Mother, Creatrix, Sophianic principle.

Every single time I deepen into him, I learn more about her.

I find more of her in me.

Her breath is my breath.
Her womb is my womb.
Her magic is my magic.

Miracles literally come from the holy spirit, which is the feminine principle.

(You’ve got to throw out a lot of religious templates if you want to access gnosis).

And so, he only ever leads me to her.

It is this beautiful dance… a union… that’s what our source is… it’s a love story… co-creation.

When I talk about Christ, I talk about Sophia.

The Cathars, gnostics and early Christians knew this, that’s likely one of the reasons they were killed and this knowledge hidden from the ages.

The truth we are remembering is union.