tips for writing finding your voiceDo any of these sound familiar?

You’re bursting with inspiration, but you can’t focus on a single idea.

You’re itching to share a story or tip, but you can’t find the right words.

You’re re-reading your draft post, and it doesn’t even sound like you!

We’ve all been there.

For those days where you just can’t hit that writing sweet spot, here are 8 tips that can help with writing and finding your voice.

1. Set an intention

By offering up your writing session to a higher good, you’re essentially asking the Universe to help you – to flow through your mind and body and onto the page.

Before you write, take a few deep breaths, center yourself, and say something like, “Let my writing bless the world. I ask for your strength and guidance.

2. Begin with the end in mind

Using a single word, tell me what you’re  trying to achieve. What do you want your readers to understand, think or feel?

It’s so easy to have a mess of mixed goals for a blog post or article. If you can distill your thoughts down to a single primary purpose, you can instantly cull any ideas and content that don’t directly serve that purpose (and save them for a spin-off post or article.)

3. Don’t edit as you go

Hands up if you’ve spent twenty minutes re-writing a single sentence in an opening paragraph? This is the number one reason each post or article is taking hours to write.

Turn editing off – both the screen variety (those annoying squiggly lines in Word) and the inner critic variety (that voice which pesters and prods you to find the perfect word before you get to advance to the next sentence).

Let all of your ideas flood onto the page in a fury of free-writing from your soul. You can then go back and edit, crop and finesse your piece.

4. Assume rapport

Think back to the last time you hung out with your close friends. You talk effortlessly, right? Your words, stories and jokes just bubble up from within – you don’t have to think before you speak.

If you want to tap into a writing voice that sounds like the real you, visualise sitting around with your friends over a coffee or wine. How would you tell them the story you’re about to put on the page? What words, tone and unique-to-you expressions would you use? That’s your voice.

5. Write what you would love to read

Pay attention when you read a post, article or book that you love. What made it so special?

The personality and humour of the writer? The intermittent use of quotes? The breakdown of information into bite sized piece?

Use this as inspiration to write a piece that you would love to read.

6. Write in batches

You’ve just spent 20 minutes re-learning the art of writing headlines. Don’t let it go to waste on one article! Knock out 10 headlines while you’re in the headline-writing zone.

Similarly, if you’re in the editing zone, edit a few articles in the one sitting.

If you’re working on your SEO, again, do it in batches.

7. Work with your energy

Sometimes you can sit down to write something short and sweet, and almost magically, the perfect words simply flow onto the page.

When you’re on a writing roll, make the most of it baby! They don’t come around too often, so write as many pieces as you can while your creative energy is at a peak.

8. Write morning pages

Select a notebook and pen you love to write with, and spend 15 minutes each morning writing down your soul – that is, your thoughts, challenges, dreams and fears.

Ask your inner voice for guidance, inspiration and answers. See what arises on the page.

By getting in touch with your spirit or soul every morning, you’ll find it easier to tap into that inner guidance on demand when you need to write.

What are your best writing tips? x

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