How To Manifest Your Dreams

I love to co-create my dreams and goals with help from the Universe. People often come to me wanting to know how to manifest your dreams.

This week, I manifested a gorgeous beachside apartment. I am so happy and grateful for my dream coming true, that I want to pass on the blessings and magic to you, beautiful soul!

So I have created a FREE mini video training with tips and tools for manifesting your dreams and practical examples of how I have manifested men, abundance, confidence, a career change, and more.

How I Manifested An Apartment

The story on how we manifested our dream beachside apartment. You will learn how to get unstuck and find creative possibilities beyond what you can comprehend. You will also learn about faith and keeping a positive mindset.

How To Manifest Love And Confidence

You will learn about how to change your beliefs to change your reality and create your desires. I also tell the juicy story of how I manifested my soulmate and how I overcome shyness to find confidence.

How To Take Action To Manifest Your Desires

Discover the two main types of action you need to take to manifest your goals and dreams. I provide examples from my own life of co-creating amazing friendships, a career change, love and purple feathers.

Who Are YOU? What Do YOU Want For Your Life?

Are you in touch with your soul, dreams and desires? Only 3% of people have clear goals and intentions. Most of us are living a life based on the status quo, not what we actually want! No wonder we are unhappy! Learn how to discover who you are and map out your vision.

Tip: If you want help mapping out your dream life vision I have a free worksheet for you to use. Download it here.

I hope you enjoyed this free video training. Happy manifesting!

Elyse xx

p.s. Want to learn a practical step-by-step process to get into alignment, upgrade your mindset, and manifest your desires? The Manifesting Course is open now.

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