how to manifest

Hello stardust!

We just had our engagement party and it was perfetto!

Our favourite local pub, sunshine, fresh flowers, good tunes, delicious bites, chilled wine, getting dressed up, and the most important thing of all – the love and company of our lovely friends and family.

I am overflowing with All Of The Gratitude for our life right now!

Which reminded me of one of my favourite techniques for getting the Universe to conspire on your behalf and bring you want you need.

Let me share it with you:

Give thanks in advance.

Instead of just feeling grateful for the blessings and beautiful things currently in your life, give thanks for all of the things you want to happen – as if they had already had.

If you’re in the habit of writing a gratitude diary or listing off gratitudes at night in your head, mix up dreams that have come true with some of your current desires.

It works for 2 reasons:

1. By associating your desires with things that have already come to pass, you’re making them feel much more likely and believable (great for your subconscious).

2. You’re sending a powerful message to the Universe about what you want in your life and your positive expectations (the Universe loves clarity and positive energy).

If I’ve lost you in the woo-woo talk, here is a tangible example from the weekend.

Ready to hear a story?

My fiancé and I have just moved house, so on Saturday we went on Ikea adventures to pick out a few lovely large pieces of furniture. After paying and taking our items to the delivery counter, we found out that they would only delivery the very next day. At any time within an 8 hour period. No choosing your preferred time, no postponing, no exceptions. (Completely understandable.)

We had a slight problem. Our engagement party was the very next day, and so we had to be out the door by 11am. We simply couldn’t stay home any later.

So I set about getting the Universe to conspire on our behalf behind the scenes:

  • I wrote a list of ‘thank you’s’ to the Universe in my gratitude diary, including things that had already happened that week, as well as “thank you for delivering our Ikea furniture by 10am, what a relief!” and similar over and over.
  • I refused to write on our to-do list that we needed to ask a kind friend to leave our engagement party to answer the door for our furniture.
  • I repeatedly spoke to my fiancé about our “10am delivery” as if it was really scheduled for this time.

Want to know what happened?

We ended up getting our delivery at 10.15am, almost bang-on the time I was aiming for, and giving us plenty of time to get dressed up and make our party.

Thank You, Universe! (And Ikea!)

Start incorporating gratitude in advance into your life on a permanent basis. Act as if the things you desire are already yours, with a calm confidence and a feeling of excitement.

Enjoy! Sending you positive energy, Universe magic and laughter, Elyse x

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