How To Stop Negative Thinking in 7 Steps

Have you ever wanted to know how to stop negative thinking?

You are not alone. As a life coach, this is something I get asked about a lot.

Mastering your mind is so important if you want to live a happy and successful life.

So I have created a FREE video training for you: How To Stop Negative Thinking in 7 Steps.

This provides a good introduction to the topic of mastering your mind.

Grab a tea or coffee and make yourself comfortable. Switch off distractions and give yourself this gift.

Summary of the steps:

1. You are not your negative thoughts.

You can listen to your thoughts, right? You can hear an argument going on in your head about whether you should eat the donut, change careers or say something to your partner. That means you are separate from your thoughts.

There are also moments when you are not thinking, right? When you are watching a beautiful sunrise, relaxing for a moment with a deep breath, or enjoying a sip of your coffee. Your thoughts are temporary and passing but you are eternal.

That means you are not your thoughts – you are the observer or witness of them. Picture yourself like a clear blue sky – your thoughts are like white fluffy clouds, they come and they go. You remain. Your soul or presence remains.

2. Begin to witness your negative thoughts.

Become the non-judgmental observer of your thoughts. This creates a space or distance between you and your thoughts – you are no longer lost in them believing every word, but simply observing them with curiosity. When you observe your thoughts you can remind yourself: I am not my thoughts. My thoughts do not mean anything. I forgive myself for having this thought.

Most of our thoughts are just a cassette tape of lies we picked up in childhood and from society. Thoughts like “I am not enough, I am in lack, life is meant to be a struggle” are what you have learned to think, but when you tune out of those conditioned thoughts, it creates space for the soft still voice of your soul to speak. And your soul will tell you the truth: That you are inherently enough. That infinite abundance exists. And that life is meant to be an amazing adventure in time and space.

3. Tune into the present moment.

Picture your negative thoughts like a loud radio station. When you move your attention away from your thoughts and onto the present moment, you no longer notice the radio playing so much. It ceases to bother you.

So bring your attention back to the now – How are you feeling? Can you sense your body? Can you sense the energy in your hands and feet? Can you feel the clothing on your skin, or a soft breeze? What can you smell? What can you hear around you? Tuning into your body and your 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) will anchor you back in the here and now.

4. Become willing to see things differently.

Most of our thinking is fear-based and comes from our ego mind. But we can learn to think with love and positivity. We can see things differently. We can teach ourselves to see ourselves and the world through the lens of love, peace of mind, worthiness, abundance, infinite possibilities, creating our dreams, kindness and happiness.

It feels good to think and believe “I am amazing, I love myself, I am grateful for my life, I see the light in others, I am excited for my dreams, the Universe is on my side” because these thoughts are true. This is how your soul sees life. It feels bad to think and believe “I am worthless, I am flawed, I am all alone” because these thoughts are not the ultimate truth.

Learning to see with love and positivity takes time and patience, so be gentle with yourself. You may find it helpful to choose a few mantras to use and practice. For example: Happiness is a choice I make. I am enough. My life is a miracle. Everything is always working out for me. I believe in the abundance of the Universe. I am willing to see things differently. I could choose peace instead of this.

5. Continue to practice shifting on a daily basis.

Mastering your negative mind takes time. I have been doing this for years and I still get lost in my negative thoughts occasionally – but I know exactly how to find peace and presence quickly. I come back to the light.

Every time you notice yourself lost in negative thinking, and you do not want to be, remind yourself: This is an opportunity to practice! You can say to yourself:

“Okay, I am not my thoughts. I am the witness. What am I thinking about right now? Oh how interesting. I know this thought does not mean anything. I forgive myself for having this thought. How can I tune back into the present?”

Then feel your feet on the ground. Sense the energy in your hands. Take a deep breath and notice your belly rising and falling. See what you can smell and hear around you. Anchor yourself in the safety of the present.

If you want, when you are feeling grounded or later in the day, you can now practice training your mind to see with love. You can use one of your mantras such as “I choose peace, I choose peace” until you feel peaceful.

6. Choose on activity in your day to practice mindfulness.

Our mind is like a puppy dog – we have to train it to focus on the present moment. Otherwise we will always be lost in worries about the future or regrets and pains from the past, and we will miss out on our precious life.

How often do we brush our teeth, have a shower or do the washing up, but the whole time we are lost in our thoughts, disconnected from our body and the world around us? We are like robots on autopilot.

Choose one activity you do daily – such as having a shower, getting dressed or drinking your morning coffee or tea – and decide that you will use it to practice being present.

Before you begin the activity, tell yourself: “Okay, I am about to do this, and I am going to do my best to be present and feel my body and notice the sensations, sounds, and experience”. Whenever you notice yourself lost in your thoughts, gently come back to the task at hand. You will get lost in your thoughts, but the important thing is you simply come back.

7. Add meditation to your routine.

Meditation is like doing push-ups for your mind. It trains your mind to focus, and it can help you to dissolve some of the mental clutter and leave you feeling lighter and free. Meditating each morning for a few minutes can have a dramatic impact on your self-awareness and your happiness. If you are new to meditation, I recommend using the HeadSpace app.

I hope this video training serves you, beautiful soul.

Elyse x

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