Whether you’re a believer in Universe magic and synchronicity or you still need a little convincing, research shows that people who describe themselves as ‘lucky’ really end up having more good fortune in their lives.

I know the more I wake up in excited anticipation of good things happening to me, the more I consciously look for goodness in the world, and the more I celebrate every little blessing with a Woohoo, thanks Universe!, the more amazing things happen.

Positivity and Gratitude = Goodness and Gifts, Magic and Miracles is pretty much an unbreakable law in my life, like 1 + 1 = 2 (or a bottle of wine = a sore head).

I have laughed out loud in awe and joy at some of the strange serendipity that has occurred in my life. Here is just a small handful of examples from the last few weeks:

…We found an eBay listing for the exact couch we wanted (colour, size, new condition) available in our neighbouring suburb, an hour before we were heading to the store to buy it for almost triple the price. That same morning, the café where we were having brunch gifted us free gluten free raspberry cakes.

…The weekend after I found out the name of an obscure philosophy book by an Indian guru I really wanted to read, it showed up at a secondhand bookstall at the Sunday markets for $6.

…When I celebrated reaching a milestone number of beautiful, amazing, inspiring subscribers by toasting the Universe on our apartment balcony and dancing to songs like Pharrell’s Happy, they doubled the next day. What had previously taken months, took 24 hours. The power of gratitude, baby!

…A course I wanted to enrol in was fully booked out, but they had a dropout on the same day I emailed them hoping to get a coveted spot.

…My ‘future dream home’ visualisations include a walk-in wardrobe, but I knew thought that was not possible in the apartment-living suburb where we currently live (and love). The apartment we recently moved into had a spare study/home office room off the bedroom, which happened to be the perfect shape and size for a DIY walk-in wardrobe (nice one, Universe! I shouldn’t underestimate you with my old-school beliefs about what is likely or unlikely.)

…And so many other beautiful gifts and blessings daily. I have even managed to reserve a table for trivia night at our local pub using a mix of gratitude, faith and positive energy (it was too late to call!)

My favourite story is about the time I was at the supermarket and I reached the checkout only to realise I’d forgotten to grab a cucumber. In the following minutes as I waited in line, a cucumber in the pile of groceries belonging to the couple in front of me got caught on the side of the conveyer belt and made its way into my pile of groceries. No hands, no intervention (physically, anyway!) – just Universe luck bringing me a cucumber. I had to laugh!

Why does declaring yourself a lucky person work?

The scientific answer…

Beliefs are incredibly powerful – they filter how we see the world.

Once you’ve programmed your worldview (the world is a beautiful, friendly, abundant place vs. the world is hostile, competitive and scary), your subconscious mind starts seeking out information to match your beliefs.

When you think of the world as full of problems, fear and misfortune, that’s exactly what you find.

You’re not able to see all the beauty, blessings, kindness, love, abundance and opportunity surrounding you in every moment – because you’re not looking for them.

Have you ever spent time thinking of something (a pink car, a black pug, a penny, an engagement ring) and then all of a sudden you spot them everywhere?

It’s the same with good fortune, magic and blessings in your life. Spend time focusing on the positive, and then all of a sudden you will find it.

The spiritual answer…

Your thoughts create things.

What you think and how you feel sends a signal to the Universe about what you want. You attract things resonating on the same emotional frequency as you.

If you put a strong and clear desire out to the Universe, you truly believe and claim it as yours (including feeling gratitude in advance, living it in your head and matching your emotional energy), and you take inspired action towards it, the Universe will conspire to bring it to you. People, circumstances, opportunities and gifts will arrive in your life to make it happen.

So the more you expect your desires to come true because you’re such a ‘lucky person’, the more they will – particularly if they are coming from your soul, your authentic self, the true you.

This is when dreams unfold like magic and you feel like you are gently flowing downstream on the river of life – action feels energising (not draining) and you intuitively know the right answers and come up with bang-on ideas.

As one of my favourite quotes beautifully explains, ‘change your heart to change the world.’

This world is like a mountain; Your echo depends on you. If you scream good things, the world will give it back. If you scream bad things, the world will give it back. Even if someone says badly about you, speak well about him. Change your heart to change the world.

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