Would you like to be mindful and intentional with your gift-giving this holiday season? I would love to see a world where we are more conscious and purposeful in our gift giving, so I have created a list of meaningful gift ideas with soul to spark your thinking and remind you to lead with your heart.

meaningful gift ideas

Meaningful Gift Ideas With Soul

1. Life experiences.

Studies show that we gain more happiness from experiences than material possessions, so consider creating a memorable moment by organising a picnic, boat trip, adventure, paddle boarding, brunch, outdoor movie, tour or hiking trip (either DIY or use a service like Red Balloon).

2. Books.

A book has the power and potential to wake a person up to new ways of thinking, spark their soul, and change the trajectory of their life. Choose wisdom-packed, inspiring or meaningful books for your loved ones or friends. I have written about some of my favourite self-help books here.

3. Workshops, coaching or online courses.

There is nothing more important than investing in yourself; so when you gift someone the opportunity to attend a workshop, life coaching or mentoring package, or online course on a subject that interests them or would serve them, you are helping them spend time and energy on their most important asset; themselves. I am always happy to arrange for my services or courses to be given as a beautiful gift voucher, and so are many other personal development providers. Check out my online courses here.

4. Planners or notebooks.

Most people use planners or diaries to track their yearly progress, and notebooks for to-do lists or journalling practices, so planners and notebooks make great, simply and mindful gifts that will go to great use (rather than useless junk that goes straight to landfill). I personally love the Desire Map Planners.

5. Essential oils or flowers.

Give the gift of mother nature. Essential oils can provide support with everything from focus, sleep and stress, to natural cleaning, natural beauty and PMS support. You can also get fresh flower subscription services these days, where you receive a fresh bouquet weekly or monthly. Check out Bloom Box Co if you are in Australia. You could also consider house plants.

6. Donate or contribute to a good cause.

One of the most touching gifts I received was a card notifying me of a donation made on my behalf to a charitable organisation I believed in and supported. There are thousands of amazing charities and causes out there that you could consider making a donating to. I also like to support fellow entrepreneurs in developing countries through the conscious loan service Kiva.

7. Nourishing food delivery service.

Everyone has to eat, right?! But not everyone has time (or makes time) to cook nourishing and delicious meals that help them to feel energised and amazing. There are many incredible healthy fresh meal delivery services around these days, so you could consider buying someone a food delivery package for a couple of days or even a week. They will thank you for it!

8. Oracle cards.

Oracle cards are a fun and beautiful way to build a stronger connection with your soul and tap into your inner wisdom. People often keep them for years (or for life) so they make a very long-lasting and meaningful gift. They make a great stocking-filler or small-yet-soulful gift. I like the Rumi oracle cards or these ones by The Fifth Element Life. You can also buy them from Hay House or local book stores.

9. Mindful or meaningful jewellery.

There are some beautiful brands creating meaningful and soulful jewellery these days, infused with crystals or symbols to support people with things like self-love, self-confidence, attracting love, abundance, feeling grounded, awakening their chakras, and manifesting. I personally love the designs at Violet Gray Design.

10. Glass drink bottles.

Not everyone drinks enough fresh water a day and having a gorgeous glass or BPA-free water bottle can be a godsend! I always have one on hand. I personally like and use the Life Factory Bottle and the Drop Bottle.

11. Pampering and self-care vouchers.

Many people are caught up in busyness and to-do lists these days and they are not making time to be a human being, rather than just a human DOING. A voucher for a spa, sauna or pampering experience is an incredible gift to give someone so that they can fill their cup and feel refreshed.

12. Meditation app subscription, training course or retreat.

Meditation is a life-changing practice and can increase your wellbeing, creativity and happiness levels. I have been meditating for over 5 years and it has changed my whole life. Many people are intimidated at the idea of beginning a meditation practice, so you could organise a meditation app subscription for someone, to give them access to several months-worth of meditation audios and step-by-step guidance. I personally like the HeadSpace app (you can also use Smiling Mind which is free).

I hope you enjoyed this list of meaningful gift ideas with soul.

Elyse xx

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