When you’re all out of ideas about how to reach your goals and dreams, don’t forget about miracles now.

In fact, if you are struggling and striving to “make” your goals happen and you feel exhausted and hopeless, you are probably cutting yourself off from the wisdom and magic of your Higher Self and the Universe.

As the book A Course In Miracles says: Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.

That “something” is usually our limiting beliefs, negative feelings and lack of faith which are blocking the natural flow of wellbeing coming to us.

However, you can start to open yourself up to more miracles in your life. Want to know where to start?

Here are 5 tools for more miracles now.

1. Decide who to be.

Wayne Dyer wisely wrote: “We do not attract what we want; we attract what we are.”

You may think that in order to be a certain type of person – confident, happy, successful, wealthy, healthy or loved – you have to have or achieve something first – a house, marriage, career, certain body shape or large bank balance.

In fact, the opposite is true. You have to be the person you wish to be, in order to have or achieve what you most desire.

Wake up tomorrow and pretend for a moment you are already living your dream life. How would you feel? What would you wear? How would you walk? What would you talk about and what kind of things would you do? How would you treat people?

Embody the energy of this ideal version of you – You 2.0 – as often as you can, even if you have to act as if at first. It will become your natural state of being, and your external world will shift to match your new inner world.

2. Listen to your heart.

One day I wrote ‘a purple feather’ on my list of desires and dreams – it’s a good idea to have a list of big and small desires because then you don’t get too attached to one particular outcome.

A few months later I was walking home from the shops, when I got an intuitive nudge to walk a different route because there would be more afternoon sunshine.

As a walked along this new footpath, I noticed a purple feather on the ground. I gasped with delight – only to look up and see the whole footpath lined with purple feathers. It was a beautiful miracle and the Universe had delivered way beyond my request!

This all happened because I listened to my heart and did what felt good, instead of sticking to my original plan. I allowed myself to be guided to the amazing ‘energetic red carpet’ of purple feathers.

Studies show that your heart energy can be felt up to 10 feet away – it’s that powerful! Begin to listen to your intuition more and trust the wisdom of your heart.

3. Ask what would it take?

Many of us are trained to only rely on our rational mind and thoughts. The problem is the human mind of our smaller self does not have access to Universal wisdom and Oneness.

An easy and powerful way to open yourself up to new possibilities and solutions beyond your current comprehension is to walk around saying: What would it take Universe?

What it would take Universe for me to know the next step? What would it take Universe for me to manifest an extra $500? What would it take Universe for me to have a brilliant business idea? What would it take Universe for me to rock this presentation today? What would it take Universe for me to feel more love today? What would it take Universe for me to experience a miracle?

Use these kinds of statements whenever you are feeling hopeless or stuck. It can immediately make you feel lighter, more inspired and trusting.

4. Feel gratitude – including in advance.

I usually write in my gratitude journal every second day, but if I get caught up in the whirlwind of life and forget it for too long, I lose my connection with the wonderful world of miracles and synchronicities.

When you don’t appreciate what you already have, you’re embodying an inner feeling of lack: I don’t have my desires yet, I don’t have enough, I’m not enough.

The Universe picks up your signal and responds with more lack.

When you switch it around and start to soak up, appreciate and love all of the beauty, abundance, blessings and love already in your life, the Universe picks up your new signal and responds with more beauty, abundance, blessings and love.

Celebrate more of the simple joys around you in daily life: The sun rising for you today. The uplifting beat of a song you love. The smell of your morning coffee. The feeling of grass underneath your feet. An inspiring book or quote. A hug from a loved one. The feeling of wearing your favourite piece of clothing. A fresh juicy peach. The sound of the rain.

You can also give thanks and feel appreciation for things you don’t yet have in your life, but dream of having. When you feel love and appreciation for something in your heart in advance of it showing up in the material world, it puts you in the right vibration to receive it.

5. Think give.

Giving and receiving are part of the one flow of energy in the Universe. When you refuse to give, you are also cutting off your ability to receive.

Giving can come in all forms – you can give a compliment, a flower, a kind note, a helping hand, a home cooked meal, a smile, or even a simple prayer or blessing.

From a Universal perspective, giving and receiving are one in truth, because we are all One and connected – we are all pieces of the one puzzle known as life.

When you contribute to the happiness of another person, it has a ripple effect on everyone, and it will eventually flow back to you.

Try waking up and saying to the Universe: How can I serve you today? In return, the Universe will start to respond, how can I serve you today, beautiful soul?

Elyse xx

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