Have you ever tried to make changes in your life and no matter how hard you strive and struggle, it feels like you’re spinning your wheels?

Maybe you’ve tried to create a breakthrough with your love life, finances, career, health or happiness but you end up back at square one.

Find out the secret to what is keeping you stuck.

Summary: What is keeping you stuck? The power of beliefs.

Many of us try to make changes with our conscious mind alone. However, we usually need to get our subconscious mind on board too.

Picture an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg visible above the water.

Your subconscious mind — which houses your beliefs, emotional wounds and patterns of behaviour — is the huge majority of the iceberg which is hidden underneath the water.

You may not be aware of the programming stored in your subconscious mind, but it is responsible for about 95 per cent of your thoughts and actions.

So your subconscious mind is thousands of times more powerful than your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like a computer hard drive. It stores up all of your memories, beliefs and emotional wounds, and then it reuses this information to drive your life today.

The problem is that a lot of the beliefs and patterns stored in our subconscious mind come from our childhood.

Before the age of eight years old, our analytical mind wasn’t fully formed. So we were like sponges — we soaked up information around us without filtering any of it.

If we were brought up in a family or life situation where we were taught money is bad, or rich people are greedy, or love ends in heartbreak, these beliefs got stored in our subconscious mind.

We also stored beliefs about ourselves — our self-concept. We may have picked up the belief that we are not good enough, or we are not artistic, or it is not fair to shine our light because we will outshine others.

All of this programming and conditioning from the past drives our life today. How? Here are two explanations:

From a spiritual perspective, everything in the Universe is energy and like energy attracts like energy.

You may have tried to manifest change in your life using affirmations and visualisation and so far it hasn’t really worked.

This may be because, while you are consciously thinking and speaking positive affirmations, you may have a conflicting limiting belief stored in your subconscious.

So your vibration is mixed. You are sending out mixed signals to the Universe.

From a scientific perspective, your core beliefs drive your actions and behaviour.

If you believe you are somehow not good enough, you are not going to go after your dream job or start your dream business. If you believe that rich people are greedy, you might repel money. If you believe that love ends in heartbreak, you might sabotage your romantic relationships.

The great news is our subconscious programming can be cleared. We can also install new empowering beliefs in our subconscious.

This is a huge topic and too much to cover in one post. However here are three practical steps you can use to look at your own programming and begin to make changes:

1. Inquire.

Investigate what your beliefs are. If there is an area of your life which isn’t running as well as you would like, write down your beliefs about that area of life and yourself.

Example: What do I believe about money? What do I believe about love? What do I believe about career and purpose? What do I believe about myself?

Ask yourself: Where could this belief come from? Who might I be parroting today?

2. Realise beliefs are optional.

A belief is just a thought that we have thought so many times that it has become hard wired in our brain. And we can change the wiring of our brain.

Beliefs are not facts. You can look at the beliefs that you uncovered and ask yourself: Is this belief serving me and uplifting me and empowering me? Or is this belief disempowering and limiting me?

With those beliefs that are disempowering and limiting, ask yourself: What would I rather believe? Choose a new belief. A belief that will help you create your dream life.

3. Install your new belief.

There are many ways to do this. Repetition is key. It is great to review your new belief when your conscious mind is less active and you have greater access to your subconscious mind — so before bed or when you have just woken up. At this time, you can read them out loud or listen to them on audio.

You can also begin to ‘act as if’ you already believe your new belief. The more you act as if you believe your new belief, the more your body will start to memorise that state of being and it will become your default.

You can also look for evidence to prove your new belief is true. We see what we believe.

You’ve probably spent most of your life looking for evidence to prove your disempowering belief. Now you can begin to look for evidence each day to prove: I am worthy. Love does exist. Abundance is my birthright. Or whatever it is you would like to believe.