Here are 11 truths and reminders to create a magical life.

1. This is a holographic magical Universe. You can expect cosmic support, synchronicity, miracles, divine downloads, guidance, the right people and resources.

2. You are totally 100% worthy, valid and valuable simply because you exist.

3. Your heart/truth/passion is your purpose and compass.

4. Your desired reality, where you are experiencing a new level of abundance impact travel love and confidence, already exists in the quantum field. You just need to align with it.

5. You can energetically align with your desires by believing/imagining/feeling they are already true, releasing the outcome, and being led by your impulses/ideas/actions.

6. Your soul gifts are needed, no one else can do the good you can do, in precisely the same way. And if you have a gift to give, there is someone to receive it. The cosmos is designed that way, everything works in harmony like a giant orchestra.

7. Money is energy. Infinite abundance exists. You can create wealth and be a heart-centred conscious being.

8. Your unique precious authenticity only exists when you stop trying to be someone you are not. Give yourself permission to be fully soul-aligned and expressed. It’s freeing.

9. Your alignment, joy and happiness come from you – from your connection with your core natural self, presence, gratitude and source energy.

10. You get to decide and design who you are. Start by claiming I AM that. And then embody that version of you until it becomes your natural self-image and state.

11. By being who you want to be and living the way you prefer, you give other people an example of what is possible – you show them a different way of being/earth/frequency is available.

May these 11 reminders to create a magical life serve you today, beautiful gorgeous divine being!

Elyse xx