Someone asked me when I talk about devotion to the high masculine, am I talking about patriarchy 2.0?

This is a great question and one my heart deeply understands.

As women, we tend to be *rightfully* sensitive to lower masculine consciousness.

We have memories of witch burnings, religion, and the siphoning of mother earth & our own feminine essence.

The thing you might like to know is this – that is not the true or high masculine.

What is returning to the planet is the King, the True Benevolent Father is anchoring and resurrecting through us.

We haven’t seen much of this consciousness on our planet for a very long time.

God taught me about it through archetypes like Yeshua, King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Outlander & the Last Kingdom.

Until I could access my own remembrance and gnosis.

The true high masculine doesn’t oppress or abandon the feminine.

He is the most honourable, noble, provisional, strong, stable father and warrior king energy.

He wants to support you and see you blessed, blossoming, joyful and free.

He will help you rise and expand, and soften in love, as a restored devotional queen.

(This can be quite shocking when you have grown up in religion, which portrays the opposite).

You become a sovereign being, with reunified support.

This internal reunification enables you to relax, breathe and soften into your heart and womb space, as you “go about your Father’s business” as Yeshua would say, or as you go about your Holy Mother’s business.

The true masculine is equal to, but different from, the true feminine. They are in harmony.

He is the architecture, she is the essence.
He is the sword, she is the chalice.
He is the truth, she is the love.

This happens within us, and without.

So what I am talking about does not represent patriarchy 2.0 – but union, the return of our original blueprint, the harmonics that is the basis of heaven anchoring on earth.