Have you ever had one of those moments of synchroncity where something mystical happens?

Maybe you were thinking about an old friend and they called you on the phone. Maybe you were doubting your worth and then you see a billboard that says: “You are amazing”.

In this episode, I talk about how you can ask for your signs from the Universe, and invite more of these moments of synchroncity into your life. I also share some stories of synchroncity and flow in my own life.

My intention for this episode is to remind you that you are powerful and that life is more magical than we know.

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Some of the things covered include:

  • What happened when I read the book E-Squared.
  • How I encountered the famous millionaire Duncan Bannatyne.
  • The synchroncity that happened when I was working on my career change.
  • Setting an intention each morning to be guided by your soul or intuition.
  • Examples of synchroncity including dolphins, numbers, books and DVDs.
  • How synchroncity can make us more conscious of the sunrise, stars and flowers.
  • How signs from the Universe can serve as an encouraging reminder of our alignment and connection.

Key takeaways:

You may have encountered moments of synchroncity where something out-of-the-ordinary happens. Maybe you look up at the clock and the time is 11.11am or 4.44pm. Maybe you want a rare book and find it at the secondhand markets the next day.

One of the first times I encountered synchroncity was after reading the book E-Squared by Pam Grout. The book suggested doing an experiment where you ask for your signs from the Universe within 48 hours.

I ended up encountering a famous Scottish millionaire from a television show about entreprenuership, at a small coffee shop in Sydney, while I happened to be writing in my journal about my plans to change careers and become an entreprenuer.

Since that moment, I have noticed more and more synchroncity and signs from the Universe in my life.

As part of my morning routine, I usually ask my soul to guide me for the day. I will typically set an intention from the book A Course In Miracles:

What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say? And to whom?

And sometimes, I will ask for a wink or sign from the Universe; a synchroncity to remind me of my alignment and connection. And then I surrender my attachment to it. This is key with manifestation; not needing it to happen.

Sometimes I will encounter dolphins at the beach, or an old friend, or a quote on a billboard, or angel numbers like 333 and 777. Other times I have been given a gift, or found unexpected money, or heard a meaningful song at the right time.

These moments seem to happen the most when I am in alignment. That is, when I am meditating and practicing miracle-minded thinking and following my intuition.

Why do these moments happen? It could be the Universe responding to our expectations and energy. Or it could be the power of our subconscious mind. Either way, there is something I love about these moments of synchroncity.

They can remind us of our connection to our soul or higher self. They can help wake us up to the present moment and become more conscious of the sunrise, nature, and the blessings and magic around us. And they can remind us that we are co-creating our desires with the Universe. As Oprah Winfrey puts it: “You are co-creating… with the ultimate creator.”

If this resonates with you, you might feel inspired to pay more attention to the synchroncity in your life, or ask for a wink from the Universe.