What is a miracle? Many of us think of miracles as these huge and rare occurrences.

However, the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles says: “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong”.

What is that something? Find out in this short video blog: What is a miracle?

Summary: What is a miracle?

Miracles are natural. However, we can block miracles with our thoughts.

Specifically, when we think love, we get love. Think abundance, get abundance. Think lack, get lack. Think limitation, get limitation. Think worthiness, get worthiness.

A Course in Miracles says a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.

This change in our thinking then creates change in our life. Thought is the level of cause and experience is the level of effect, so if you want to change your experience – with love, money, your career, health or happiness – you have to start by changing the nature of your thinking.

This has been supported by quantum physics, which shows we cannot even look at an object without effecting it with our beliefs and expectations.

If this sounds hard to comprehend, it is helpful to remember that the physical world is not as fixed or solid as it appears. At a fundamental level, everything in the Universe is energy. It just appears to be solid because of the way our senses interpret the data.

The more we learn to think in miracle-minded ways, the more we will experience miracles in our life.

Unfortunately miracle-minded thinking does not feel natural to us, because we have been brought up in a world where fear-based thinking is the ruling paradigm.

However, the natural state of our soul is love. As Marianne Williamson puts it: “Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learnt here”.

The great news is, if we are ready and willing to learn to shift our perception and create more daily miracles in our life, we are not alone in our quest.

We all have a higher self, soul, inner being or holy spirit (the same thing known by many names) which is the wiser, powerful, creative, loving, infinite part of us.

It can help us see things from a more miracle-minded perspective. However, because we have free will, we have to invite our higher self to help shift our perception.

We can do this through prayer, talking to our higher self, soul journalling, writing a letter or meditation.

The miracle may come into our minds as an idea or insight which totally changes our perception, or it may come in the form of help in the external world; a book falling off the shelf, a phone call from a friend or an opportunity falling into our lap.

The Indian teacher Osho famously said: “Be realistic. Plan for a miracle”.

When we learn to shift our thinking, we can begin to rely on miracles to support us as a more everyday part of our lives.

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