Have you ever wondered: What is manifestation? As a life coach, this is something I get asked about a lot.

In this episode, I give you an introduction to manifestation and the law of attraction.

Whether you are a manifesting queen, or you a new to the topic and you are curious to learn more, this episode will give you some insights into the principles of mindset, metaphysics and manifestation.

My intention for this episode is to empower you to co-create your desires with your higher self and the Universe, and to help you get into alignment so that you can experience more synchronicity and connection.

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Some of the things covered include:

  • 3 ways to think about manifestation.
  • How we are vibrational beings in a vibrational world.
  • Tuning yourself into the frequency of your dreams.
  • Why changing your beliefs opens you up to new opportunities.
  • The importance of your identity and the be-do-have principle.
  • Examples of manifesting love, holidays, a career change, friends, and more.
  • The relevance of taking inspired action in the manifestation process.
  • Why you have to feel like you already have your desires before they exist.
  • How manifestation can make you more grateful, present and open-minded to magic.

Key takeaways:

There are a million ways to describe manifestation, so I am giving you three simple ways to think about it. You can take what resontates with you.

1. The world is a reflection of us.

The world is a reflection of our beliefs, energy and actions. As the poet Rumi said, “the world is like a mountain; your echo depends on you”. We are vibrational beings in a vibrational world, and you can tune yourself into the frequency or ‘radio station’ of your dreams.

For example, when I ended an 8-year relationship with a partner who was not right for me, I started to change my beliefs and energy around men and dating. I started to own my worth and get in integrity with the woman I wanted to be. Suddenly I started to meet the most amazing men; it was like being in a parallel reality where they existed in abundance.

2. We filter the world through our mindset.

Our mind is a goal-seeking mechanism, and we filter the world through our dominant beliefs.

So if you have a vision for your life or you believe that amazing opportunities and romantic partners and dream jobs and infinite abundance exist, your mind will start to bring you ideas and information to support you in creating that.

For example, when I started to believe I could meet new inspiring female friends, I started to meet the most amazing women.

3. We act in accordance with our identity.

We act in accordance with our identity, or the be-do-have principle. We have to embody (think, feel and act) like the kind of person who already has our desires, in order to create them with more ease and grace. If we dare to claim “I am enough, I am creative, I am amazing” we will begin to express more of that quality in the world.

For example, I had to start thinking of myself as a life coach and a writer, in order to start taking inspired action to change careers from lawyer to life coach. This inspired me to put myself out there and start guest blogging.

In summary, if we want to co-create our dreams and desires, it starts within. It starts with having self-awareness, starting to discover and decide what you believe, consciously choosing your energy and vibration, and making it a priority to get into alignment.

As Louise Hays said: “The Universe totally supports us in every thought we choose to think and believe. Our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe. They both mean that what I believe about myself and my life become true for me.”

When we are in alignment, the Universe flows to us and through us. So we will encounter more synchroncity and opportunity, and we will also have inspired or intuitive nudges to take action to co-create our desires.

It doesn’t mean we have to be perfect or that everything is perfect. I still feel a rainbow of emotions and sometimes we have to feel our feelings before we shift them. We can however empower ourselves by elevating our thinking and elevating our energy.

Manifestation is more than wishful thinking – it’s about consciously choosing who you are being today. It’s about recognising that your thoughts can influence your feelings, which can influence your actions, and what you co-create in your life.

Manifestation can teach you some amazing things, including the joy of being more connected to your higher self and intuition; the value of alignment or how to enjoy the journey; and how to release old stories that no longer serve you.

Learning to be in alignment can create more synchroncity, guidance and miracles in our life.

As Gabrielle Bernstein said: “Every moment of our life offers us an opportunity to tune into the creative energy of the universe and experience wildly awesome synchronicity and connection.”

I hope that helps you understand more about the question: What is manifestation?

Elyse xx

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