I felt inspired to create a year in review post. I have seen other bloggers and coaches do it and love them. It’s a great way to reflect on and share some of the miracles, expansion and lessons in my life and biz in the past 12 months.

As a life coach, I am obsessed with becoming my best self and creating my dreams, so think of it as a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to get unstuck and live in alignment with your truth.

The themes of this year have been growth + miracles. I have done so much inner work to heal my inner child and raise my self-value. And I have so much awe and appreciation for the miracles that have unfolded with help from the Universe.

Highlights of the year

>> Starting the year with a mini-getaway to map out our visions and intentions. I cannot recommend intention setting highly enough. I have been journalling my wildest dreams into reality for years, it works!

>> Launching a podcast, Wake Up And Manifest, an idea that had been tugging on my heart for ages. It has been an amazing way to connect with listeners, and I cannot wait to record much more in 2019.

>> Living in Singapore (and Melbourne and Perth) for a few months. It was a total dream come true to “work and play” from around the world, coaching my clients in the day, and exploring in the evenings and on weekends. I’m excited to do more!

>> Coaching so many wonderful women and witnessing their breakthroughs and miracles (you know who you are!). I am so honoured to do this work and help people discover their purpose, own their worth, and manifest their desires.

>> Raising my self-care standards and having more infrared saunas, gym workouts and walks, fresh flowers at my desk, creative space, investing in my own coaches and mentors, and meditating and journalling (almost) every morning to get into alignment.

>> Getting nominated for a Beautiful You Coaching Academy award for my life coaching work.

>> Khloe Kardashion sharing one of my quotes with her 84 million Instagram followers!

>> Having my best income year in my biz to date. I have been working on money mindset for years (I started in super scarcity) and it’s been amazing to feel more ease, appreciation and flow in this area. I am excited to keep on growing (and sharing tips!).

>> Doing more fun DIY photoshoots (with help from my fashion friend Rachel James). I plan to get more professional branding shots, but this has been a great example of starting somewhere and finding creative ways to live your dreams today.

>> Looking at my vision board, I am blown away by how many miracles came true, from the general vibe of how I wanted to feel and the woman I wanted to embody this year, to actual dreams achieved like doing my purpose work, shopping at Louis Vuitton, going to my first swim-up pool bar, upgrading my wallet, booking another holiday to Bali, and launching new projects.

Biggest lessons

>> Authenticity is sexy and self-love is magnetic. This year I learned the importance of being fiercely beautifully authentically you. Some people don’t like the way I laugh on my podcast or how upbeat I am, and that’s okay… I have to laugh to be me, and being yourself is freedom. The right people, clients and opportunities will be right for you because of who you are naturally and what you bring to the table when you speak your truth.

>> Alignment (being in a high vibration) creates miracles. I already knew this logically, but this year I embodied this concept and made it a priority to feel good. Getting into alignment magnetised more inspired ideas, dream clients, travel, abundance, and miracles beyond my wildest expectations. Make synchroncity part of your success strategy.

>> The importance of being led by purpose, passion, worthiness and intution. I have been ruthlessly investigating old behaviours of caring what other people think, filtering my message, or conforming to the rules, and letting them go. We are at a time in human evolution where these old patterns are not sustainable – and it feels so fulfilling to follow your heart/soul, not your ego.

>> Being more selective in your environments and posessions. This year while in Singapore for 2 months, I only packed roughly 12 items of clothing and continously found new ways to wear them. It felt freeing. I realised I am a “glamorous minimalist” – I love to buy a few quality or luxurious things that last, instead of getting weighed down by too much consumerism.

>> Messy inspired action brings clarity and confidence. I felt nervous launching my podcast, running my first mastermind and multiple group coaching prorams, and doing a thousand other new things this year. But I learned so much, and I am a more empowered woman because of it. Mindset work is so important, but sometimes you just have to feel the fear and do it anyway!

What didn’t flow

>> Consistently showing up online (social media, podcasting, etc) has not come naturally to me. I am an empathic alien being, and while I have a million philosophical thoughts and manifestation tips per day, I am not always sure how to share them. I want to expand in this area and show up daily. I know as coaches, writers and lightworkers, our purpose and message is too important to keep our gifts and voice to ourselves, and creative self-expression feels so good!

>> Not truly acknowledging my gifts or celebrating my success. I have noticed that many overachieving perfectionists (and women in general) don’t recognise or appreciate how amazing, beautiful, creative, unique, radiant and valuable they are. Let’s own it! As Abraham Hicks says, self-appreciation is one of the greatest tools you could ever nurture.

>> While I know some great women and entreprenurial friends online, I am craving more in-person connections, deep-and-meaningful-conversations under the stars, and friendships. I am also uplevelling and growing in my romantic relationship.

>> Creating space for the “big rocks” – longer-term projects like writing books. I am great at my daily alignment routine and creating from intuitive or inspired ideas in the moment, but I want to schedule in dedicated time for some of my bigger dreams.

>> Thinking there is a right way to do things, or doubting myself, instead of just tuning into my intuition and trusting that I am enough. We are all divine cosmic beings connected to infinite intelligence. We are all way more capable and worthy than we know, and can learn to co-create our goals with more ease and flow.

What do I want in 2019?

As always, I am writing a long list of intentions and desires for 2019.

For my biz, I am feeling into a few new ideas, including the possibility of upgrading my website, self-publishing books on Amazon, running another mastermind, re-launching my self-love course and manifestation course, creating a membership hub, helping new coaches and lightworkers, and bringing on my first team members (maybe a virtual assistant or graphic designer).

Let’s see what inspired ideas and magic unfolds.

What were your highlights, lessons and opportunities for growth? What do you want to create in 2019?

Quotes of the year: