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One thing I’ve learned up to this point in life is that the mind has a memory. And it’s damn smart; it “subconsciously” recognises patterns.

Once the patterns become a habit, it’s hard to stop. It requires extra mental strength to break the habit.

“Starting from small, it becomes big.”

Starting with white lies, repeatedly, you become a compulsive liar.

Starting with shoplifting a lipstick, repeatedly, you become a thief.

Starting with faking documents, repeatedly, you become a white collar criminal.

At the same time:

Starting with exercising at least 3 times a week, repeatedly, you become fit.

Starting with eating healthy everyday, repeatedly, you become well and healthy.

Starting with walking with your back straight, repeatedly, you have an elegant posture.

Starting with smiling and being positive, you become a happy person to be around inside and out and attract people with the same energy as you.

Starting with giving unused clothes and loose change to the homeless, repeatedly, you become empathetic and giving.

Starting with sharing things with others, repeatedly, you become generous.

Starting with only doing things that align with your core values, repeatedly, you are a person of meaningful values.

Starting with reading, repeatedly, you become addicted to learning.

Starting with making sure you get what you need done for the day, repeatedly, you are always on top of everything.

Starting with being focused, each task at a time, repeatedly, you can easily get into the flow and be productive.

Starting with thinking outside the box, repeatedly, you become extremely creative.

Starting with getting out of your comfort zone, repeatedly, you become confident and fearless.

Starting with telling yourself what you want to achieve in life, repeatedly, you will get there.

Starting with just getting it started, repeatedly, anything you want to be and do, you can be and do.

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